Pee Dee Baptist Church


      Clinton, Arkansas

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Thu, Jan 24, 2019

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Church Construction Updates

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Day 1- Footers dug. 
They found a spring!! Looks like we designed a mote into the plans. Anyone know anything about draw bridge construction? No worries though...not even a set back.
Day 2 - Pouring Footer -
Next step will be to build forms and fill them with concrete to form retaining walls at places nearly 7 feet high.  Looks really high off the ground compared  to current sanctuary but plans call for the floor of the new sanctuary to be level with the current sanctuary. 
Day 4- Forms and Forming Panels
Beginning to build forms for walls.  Inner and Outer Forming Panels are beginning to be set up in order to pour the concreat retaining walls.
Day 5- Still Forming
This is tedious work...or so it appears! 
Day 6 - Yep...More Forming
Forming will take as long if not a little longer than digging the footers and pouring the footers combined.
Day 7 Inner Wall Forms Assembled
I don't know if setting the outer wall forms will go more quickly now or not.  It took about three days to complete the inner forms but that included some prep work that the outer forms may not need (Then again, I'm a preacher not a builder).  Once both the inner and outer forms are complete they can pour the concrete between them to form the retaining wall.
Day 8 - Outer Wall Forms Near Completion
Looks like they will be pour the retaining walls next Monday or Tuesday.  They said the concrete will have to set for at least a week to 10 days before they do anything else.  Small chance they will be dumping fill dirt over the walls a couple of those days.
Day 9 - Main Forms Complete
They will have to build some further forms from ply wood in order to finish the forming.  Tomorrow (Friday 4-9) They will be straightening the forms by attaching 2x4's to the sides the length of the walls.